The City Finale


Credit – MTV


Olivia and Johannes attend the premiere of ‘Brothers’ on November 22nd. What do you think of Olivia’s outfit? I like it, the addition of colour is different from her usual style of all black as of late.


City gal (and Elle stylista) Olivia Palermo has a knack for looking lovely. Fortch, her boyfriend — German stunner Johannes Huebl — TOTALLY shares her passion for fashion! Not only is Herr Huebl a model (and a self-confessed “cashmere” junkie), but the boy’s got a closet full of pocket squares, European suits and GQ-style jackets. Best of all? He always makes sure his outfits match Olivia’s!

They sure do make a pretty couple.

Credit – MTV

New Moon


Olivia and Johannes leaving New Moon After Party on Novemeber 19th.

It’s not easy being the most fashionable girl in the room, but City star Olivia Palermo makes it look almost effortless. Her secret? Style, sophistication and, of course, invites to all the hottest parties in town. This week, Liv popped by five (count ’em, FIVE) different VIP venues, showing off a whirlwind of fall essentials (think: flashy fishnets, leather leggings and faux-fur vests) and makin’ the rounds with everyone from her sweetie, Johannes Huebl, to her fashion bestie, Marc Jacobs.

Credit – MTV

Olivia out in New York again on November 17th with boyfriend Johannes. I love the whole outfit.

Olivia was spotted in Soho on November 17th with boyfriend Johannes and her dog (is it Mr.Butler? I think I remember that from an episode of The city). How cute.